Middle school engagement profiles: Implications for motivation and T achievement in science


This study identified engagement profiles among middle school students (N = 1125) in science, based on a global, behavioral, cognitive, and affective dimensions of engagement. The relationships between engagement profiles and key motivation predictors (science achievement goal orientations and self-efficacy) and student achievement in science were also examined. Latent profile analysis revealed five distinct science engagement profiles, including Moderately Engaged, Moderately Disengaged, Disengaged, Behaviorally Engaged, and Behaviorally Disengaged. Controlling for grade, gender, and minority status, results showed that mastery or- ientation and self-efficacy significantly predicted the likelihood of membership in profiles characterized by higher engagement in science. As expected, the Moderately Engaged and Behaviorally Engaged profiles were associated with higher achievement in science, and the reverse pattern was found for the Moderately Disengaged and Disengaged profiles. Our results support the utility of examining multidimensional engagement profiles, and the implications of these profiles for students’ motivation and learning in science are discussed.

Learning and Individual Differences, (74)