Morgan 'Les' DeBusk-Lane

Computational Social Scientist


I am a data geek, aviator, father, husband, and one who easily gets lost in figuring out just about anything.

My personal research focuses on writing self-efficacy and feedback, emotional reactivity, working memory, and various other musings such as creativity and intelligence in the student population. I am also deeply interested in unique quantitative methods, mixtures models, measurement design, machine learning, and longitudinal growth.

As of late (2022), most of my work has centered around computational methods of natural language. These include word vector models, topic generation from word embeddings, and automated pipelines to develop such. My current interests/learnings in this space focus on zero-shot classification, transformer models, language inference and lexical prediction.

All opinions my own.


  • Natural Language Processing
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Latent Profile Analysis
  • Machine Learning


  • PhD in Educational Psychology

    Virginia Commonwealth University

  • BSc in Psychology

    Pennsylvania State University


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Recent Publications

Middle school engagement profiles: Implications for motivation and T achievement in science

A person-centered approach to examining motivation belief profiles among MS students.

Implicit Theories, Working Memory, and Cognitive Load: Impacts on Creative Thinking

Can a student's perception of their creative abilities be changed?

Profiles of middle school science teachers: Accounting for cognitive and motivational characteristics

A person-centered approach to examining MS science teachers’ motivation.

Motivation belief profiles in science: Links to classroom goal structures and achievement

A person-centered approach to examining motivation belief profiles among MS students.

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