Morgan DeBusk-Lane

Data Scientist


I am a data geek, aviator, father, husband, and one who easily gets lost in figuring out just about anything.

My research focuses on writing self-efficacy and feedback, emotional reactivity, working memory, and various other musings such as creativity and intelligence in the student population. I am also deeply interested in unique quantitative methods, mixtures models, measurement design, machine learning, and longitudinal growth.

I am currently employed as an educational researcher and data scientist at a large school division in Virginia. I mainly wrangle data (#rstats), provide predictive analytics to optimize student success with unique groupings and machine learning, and help manage our data-warehouse that provides practitioners with vital data analytics to enable them to make data informed decisions.


  • Learner Motivation
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Latent Profile Analysis
  • Machine Learning


  • PhD in Educational Psychology

    Virginia Commonwealth University

  • BSc in Psychology

    Pennsylvania State University


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Recent Publications

Middle school engagement profiles: Implications for motivation and T achievement in science

A person-centered approach to examining motivation belief profiles among MS students.

Implicit Theories, Working Memory, and Cognitive Load: Impacts on Creative Thinking

Can a student's perception of their creative abilities be changed?

Profiles of middle school science teachers: Accounting for cognitive and motivational characteristics

A person-centered approach to examining MS science teachers’ motivation.

Motivation belief profiles in science: Links to classroom goal structures and achievement

A person-centered approach to examining motivation belief profiles among MS students.

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